Why do you need the wind classification of your site?

If you're building a house, granny flat, carport, awnings or similar residential structure, it is essential that you know the wind classification of your site to meet building compliance!

Particularly suppliers and manufacturers of pre-fabricated structure needs to know if their structure is suitable or adequate to meet your site design wind loads.

A compliant shed constructed in NSW may not be compliant in QLD. It is essential that a qualified Structural Engineer assess your site and provide you the wind classification specifically for your site.

The wind classification of your site depends on the terrain, topography, shielding factors.

Getting it wrong can be costly! Refer to Government of Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Building and Energy - Industry Bulletin 124 - Warning on inappropriate wind classifications 

Why Choose Aussie Wind Reports?


Upon purchase and with all the provided information, our reports will be prepared and turned around within 24 hours.


If you find a cheaper quote by a qualified Structural Engineer, send it our way and we'll beat it by 10%.


Our Structural Engineers are Chartered and are on the National Engineer Register. Your report will be signed off by a Chartered Engineer with over 10 years experience. 


AS 4055 wind reports are appliable for all site Australia-wide.

Leave the hard work to us!

As part of the assessment, we assess your site's terrain, topography and shielding factors to ultimately determine the wind classification of your site!



Shielding Factor


Design and Building Practitioner Act - Design Practitioner
National Engineering Register
Engineers Australia - Chartered Engineer
RPEQ - Registered Professional Engineer


Design, Guides & Calculators

Need more information? Visit the following guides from the manufacturer.

Looking for an AS4055 calculator?

Excelo Consulting Engineers has a calculator to assist you with determining the wind classification of your site. This should only be used for indicative purposes only.